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At some point in time we all seek for forgiveness, or we are put in a situation where someone asks us t forgive him. The saying “forgive and forget” is always easier said than done .True forgiveness not only means accepting one’s apology, but treating that person as if the wrong had never happened to being with
Forgiving oneself is just as  important. There might have been a time when we hurt someone we truly loved and ended up hurting ourselves  the process. If that person found it in their heart to forgive you, then find it in your own  heart to forgive yourself. Even if that person chooses to never forgive you, there comes a time when you have to move on and grant yourself forgiveness.
Carrying that burden is not healthy and it is not beneficial to your emotional wellbeing. At the end of it all, the grudges and the hate do not matter anymore. See forgiveness, grant forgiveness, and most importantly accept forgiveness for yourself.

Got Originality – King or Queen?

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Got Originality


Are you a King or a Queen? Owning who you were meant to be, or are you a servant waiting for others to crown you and confirm your greatness in your Originality and Creativity. If you don’t believe in your own ideals and talents, what makes you think anyone else will ?
Kings and Queens are set apart by their lavish clothes, beautiful  jewels heighten positions of royalty and with the last added piece of supreme authority comes the crown.  Without this important piece of value placed upon the Queen’s head no one would be able to recognize the royal authority to reign.


The beauty of originality is that people are drawn to things they never seen before the newness, freshness, and boldness of statements that are just waiting to be made. The head turners who are ready to walk into a room and grab attention by the confident and glow and faith they have in their working photography,  modeling,  hair design &  clothes designs made with creativity and cleverness one must never be afraid of failure but must possess the mindset of  8 simple words ( you’re going to love me or hate me)!!

Keys of Faith

In order to be original  you have to have the keys to originality. I will  give you the secrets keys that you can start this very moment to create, design, and possess the courage to be you.  IN THIS WORLD OF FASHION YOUR EITHER GOING TO STAND OUT OF THE CROWD OR FALL DOWN AND WATCH CROWD STEP RIGHT OVER YOU! !  Here are the secrets


1. Creativity- Must be creative and think out the box NO LIMITATIONS
2. Fearless- Be Fearless to express you own since of style and thoughts
3. Confident- be confident in the way you do what only you can do so well
4. Bold- Stand strong , no behind somebody else shadow
5. Elevation- Continue in your creative ability never stop trying new ideal
6. Motivation- immerse yourself in your goals , passion  turn weakness into
7. Faith- means believing in your creation no matter how many door close understand that one day you wi ll  be creating your own door for people to walk through
8. Inventiveness- Become more  inventive, branch out in other areas
9. Independents- be willing to stand strong, when no one believes
10. Never Quit- No matter how many people say NO you Never stop saying Yes!