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West Industries, LLC, is a consulting company that meets the ever-changing tastes of people, there must be flexibility and adaptability to what obtains in a given society. The structure is well-poised to handle a wide variety of services: marketing, advertising, maximizing exposure, personal designs, photo-shoot styles, event coverage, and fashion shows and showcases. We have developing a wide audience of people ranging from Los Angeles to Houston to Atlanta in the fashion, music, consulting agencies, and other business affiliates.

We offers news and media reporting site that focuses on the music industry, music performers, fashion industry, business owners, and the entertainment industry. The Internet, as we know it, is a vast and still uncharted world where a media rich and inclusive social oriented site thrives. We will supply our readers with the information they're looking to obtain, while give marketing services, promoters, venues, performers and advertisers a wide range of people to bring their message to. West Industries, LLC will reach 4 levels service offerings in one location by doing the following:

  1. Fans: We will bring our readers information regarding performers, entertainers, events, news and topical subjects of interest and information on venues and our advertiser’s products/services.
  2. Venues: We will offer the venues an opportunity to reach thousands of prospective fans and concert patrons. By giving our readers multiple options of entertainment possibilities and exciting locations to see shows and artists of their choosing.
  3. Performers and Artists: we will give entertainers an ad to introduce themselves to existing and new fans by creating a “one stop” entertainment venue that will help springboard them to their fan base.
  4. Marketing and Advertising Interests: by creating a focused platform, we can give prospective advertisers a “niche” ad to sell their goods and services. We also give musical based goods and service companies a chance to connect to perspective clients, including other industry patrons, such as the fans, venues and artists, as stated in the previous groups.

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