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At some point in time we all seek for forgiveness, or we are put in a situation where someone asks us t forgive him. The saying “forgive and forget” is always easier said than done .True forgiveness not only means accepting one’s apology, but treating that person as if the wrong had never happened to being with
Forgiving oneself is just as  important. There might have been a time when we hurt someone we truly loved and ended up hurting ourselves  the process. If that person found it in their heart to forgive you, then find it in your own  heart to forgive yourself. Even if that person chooses to never forgive you, there comes a time when you have to move on and grant yourself forgiveness.
Carrying that burden is not healthy and it is not beneficial to your emotional wellbeing. At the end of it all, the grudges and the hate do not matter anymore. See forgiveness, grant forgiveness, and most importantly accept forgiveness for yourself.